Competition Scratch Date Looming


Comp scratch date is this Sunday 6th Jan. However as we have had the Xmas period throughout this round a couple of extra days (48 hours) dispensation will be allowed to play your games

However if you havent yet played your games and want a slight extension please contact your comp organiser by phone or text and tell them of your intentions.

Comp organisers are as follows :

6 Man – Craig Millward – 07767 862778
3 Man – Paul Garstang – 07792 967311
Indiv Scratch – James Peoples – 07941 617964
Indiv Handicap – Paul Taylor – 07896 639627
Over 50’s – Mick Wignall – 07980 296350
Pairs – Paul Hamriding – 07732 412426 (or in case of emergency just text Brian Mangan :-))



Anthony Talbot R.I.P

Morning Folks

On the brink of the Xmas period it is with a sad heart that I announce the untimely loss of yet another PDSL member.

Anthony Talbot who represented Deepdale Labour Club over the last 20 years – starting out on Wednesday nights in the old CIU League – right up to the present day – where he helped the team finally get into the top division.

He passed away suddenly after a heart attack on 17 December 2018.

He will be sadly missed by all connected with Deepdale Labour Club.

On behalf of the PDSL Committee – and all members of the PDSL I am sure – I take this opportunity to pass our sincere condolences on to his family, friends and team mates.

He has gone but will not be forgotten



Updated List of Player Handicaps

Weds 12 December 17.30

One missing off the list for tonight Terry Beattie Elite Reds 42



Player Handicap Lists updated on 6 December


Paul G

Thanks to anyone who contacted me about players missing off the handicaps list

Lists are now updated and posted below

2018-9 Players Individual Handicaps Updated Sheet 6 Dec 2018

2018-9 Players Individual Handicaps Updated Sheet 6 Dec 2018

Any coloured orange are ones that were left off and have been inserted into handicap list

The red ones are ones that were on the list but their handicap has been altered as it was wrong.

Good luck to the teams playing in Prelims tomorrow night



Rule 27 – Application of the Miss Rule

A gentle reminder from PDSL Committee to our Snooker Fraternity that Rules 11 and 27 apply without exception – no ifs buts or maybes dependant on which division you play in – they apply at all times and the miss rule is a permanent fixture – please use it !!!

Here is a recap of rules 11 and 27.

PDSL Rule 11. The home team shall provide a Referee who will also mark the scoreboard. The home team shall use the “Spot” or “Top Marker” irrespective of who breaks. The English Association for Snooker and Billiards (EASB) rules shall apply to all League and Cup games except for the MISS RULE which shall be applied as per Rule 27 (See below). The Decision of the Referee shall be final.

PDSL Rule 27. The “Miss Rule” shall be applied strictly as per the current WPBSA Rules of Snooker for the striker’s first two failed attempts to make contact with the object ball. However difficult the snooker is to get out of, however good the attempted escape is, the referee shall call “Foul and a Miss” for the first two attempts if no contact is made. On the third attempt, providing that the referee judges that a genuine attempt has been made, only a “Foul” shall be called.

However, if on the third attempt, the Referee is convinced that the player has made a poor attempt or no attempt to make contact with the object ball, then he shall continue to call “Foul and a Miss” until he feels that a genuine attempt has been made.

Note: In this situation the referee should use his experience and a degree of common sense in giving the striker the benefit of any doubt.

In any case, the referee’s decision is final.

So a final reminder please use Rule 27



Competitions Info Updated

Hi Folks

All competition info now on competition pages using the COMPETITIONS link on front page

These sheets will now be updated as and when results are received

6 Man prelim results are all in and draw filled in for round 1 which is 12 december

Also remember 3 man prelim round is to be played on weds 19 dec



Pairs Handicap and 3 Man Handicap Draws – Update on 3 Man Draw

Afternoon Folks

Typo pointed out on 3 Man Prelim Draw – dates were wrong – Weds 19 Dec put aside for prelim round. So all ties in prelims to be played that night. Any teams agreeing to play before that date is fine but the official night is 19 Dec – pressure cannot be put on teams to play before that date but fine if both teams agree.

Round 1 is then back to normal – agreeing a date – no special night put aside – Round 1 ties to be played by Sun 27th January 2019

Evening Folks !!

As promised here are the 3 Man Draw and the Pairs Draw in pdf and excel formats

Draws now ubder Competitions Tab on main web page

Regardless of what is posted :

Prelims are to be played by Sunday 2nd December 2018

Round 1 by Sunday 6th Jan 2019

Good luck and please highlight any errors if found 🙂


Handicap Lists for Players


As i said on my last update there are bound to be omissions from our handicap list that has been published

Please check your own teams and text me on 07792967311 with any missing players before 10pm on Tuesday night

As they are reported I will then update the list and highlight any additions to the list in colour

I will then post an updated list on Tuesday at about 1130pm ready for people to use the next day

I will not update the list on the website at any time before Tuesday night at 1130pm

I have a couple from Deepdale already added to the list – thanks for that Alan !

The onus is on captains and delegates so please do a quick scan of your team and text me asap



Over 50’s Ind Scratch & Ind HCAP Draws Update 4/11/18 – Correction to Scratch Comp

Morning Folks !

Anomaly pointed out for Scratch with Dean Holding and John Gibson playing twice in Scratch Comp

Now corrected as ties 13 14 15 and 16 in round 1 had old info in and cells hadnt been updated correctly – apologies to Andy Brady, Barry Johnson, Johnny Clarke and Steve Rowlings who will have thought they had been missed out of draw – you werent and are now in your rightful place in Round 1 of the Scratch Comp

Updated Scratch Draw links are further down this post – nothing changes in this draw apart from the last four games in Round 1 – now have correct ties for example Andy Brady vs Rob Dodd – what a cracker !!!!



Evening again folks !!

Please find attached excel and pdf formats of the prelims and round 1 draws for the following 3 comps :

Over 50s HCAP

Individual HCAP

Individual Scratch

The prelims are due by Sun 2 Dec and Rd 1 by 6th January 2019.

Over 50’s Mick Wignall

Ind HCAP Paul Taylor

Ind Scratch – James Peoples

All results texted to those people – all details on prelim and round 1 drawsheets

2018-19 Over 50’s Prelim & Rd1

2018-19 Over 50’s Prelim & Rd1

2018-19 Indiv HCAP Prelim & Rd1

2018-19 Indiv HCAP Prelim & Rd1

2018-19 Individual Scratch Competition 281018

2018-19 Individual Scratch Competition 281018

Pairs and 3 Man Draws will be published on website at some time during Sunday

Couple of beers and then bed i think !! Or maybe a couple of malts !

Night Night Folks


Prelims & Round 1 Draw – Update With Player Handicaps List & 6 man result sheet

Evening people !

As promised here are links to player handicaps list in pdf and excel formats

There are over 550 people in our snooker league and with new people popping up on a weekly basis and the odd move here and there then we could have some anomalies in the list ie players with wrong teams or missing off list etc

Could all captains / delegates please check their players lists and text me on 07792967311 by tuesday 6th nov so that i can add players to list if necessary

The Committee reserve the right to alter any individual handicaps should they deem it suitable to do so – raise or lower etc

Links to lists below :

2018-9 Players Individual Handicaps

2018-9 Players Individual Handicaps

One item i promised to post was an updated result sheet that would make it easier to work out results with a separate box for handicaps away from the aggregate score boxes

Copies of that form are attached in pdf and excel to print and use for both 6 man games and 3 man matches

Match Result Sheet (6&3 Man)

Match Result Sheet (6&3 Man)

These dont need submitting after the games – all Craig will require is a text with which team went through and the total scores

Good luck on weds night and dont forget to text me by tuesday for player anomalies



6 Man Team Handicap – Prelims & Round 1 Draw

Afternoon Folks !

Here are the draws for Prelim Round and Round 1 of 6 Man handicap in excel and pdf formats.

Prelim Round is played next weds night 7th Nov – if your name isn’t in the prelim then you haven’t got a game next weds night

Round 1 Draw will be updated with winners from Prelim and Round 1 will be played on weds 12 December.



So before you come back complaining that your team handicap isn’t shown – that’s because things are different this year – as was voted in april agm 2017 – this year we are using player handicaps (we didn’t have time to implement it last year)

We (the Committee) are concerned that it may cause mayhem but it was the members who proposed, seconded and voted it in – therefore we have to give it a chance this season.

So the onus will be on the team captains to have a list of their players and relevant handicaps – each game will be same as normal – home team nominate 2 then 2 more then 2 ones etc. As the players names are inserted into the card then their handicap will be inserted next to their names.

Please note that the handicaps are only eligible after each individual game – the handicap does not impinge on the individual games ie. doesn’t affect snookers and free balls etc – the individual game is played with each player off scratch – handicap added afterwards.

The individual player handicaps will be posted on the website in the next 36 to 48 hours giving each team captain 96 hours at least prior to their cup match to acquire their player handicap data

Captains will be responsible for ensuring their scorecards are filled in and added up correctly

Handicaps will be linked to this post as an update

I will also doctor a scorecard template so that it is easier for captains on the night – this will also be linked to this post as an update

    Good luck and let battle commence