League Tables & Divisional Rankings Up to Date

Happy New Year Cueists !!!

Just a note to say that all tables are up to date to include all fixtures including the non played fixtures ( elite c deepdale, fox lane meadow st, and fox lane lostock cons ) – average points were added to team scores and player scores as they affect both league tables and rankings.

The data on the website will refresh weekly so some data that may be altered during a week may not appear changed until website refresh.

There are around 50 anomalies on the rankings data – where people changed teams mid season and may have appeared as player not listed for a few games – I am currently going through all these anomalies and will change them accordingly for Mark to add to the website on 9th January.

If you haven’t changed teams of all season and have never played as player not listed then your rankings should be correct and that will be 90 odd percent of players.

Please take a look at the rankings info via the rankings tabs on the website and if you find any mistakes text me on 07792967311 or via facebook messenger or post on this website and i will take a look and alter accordingly.

Its easier for you guys to take a look at a few lines of data that are important to yourselves than myself looking at 500 plus lines of data for any mistakes that may or may not exist.

Apologies that this has taken so long to get back up and running but it will refresh weekly once results have been submitted correctly.



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