Steve Whalley Over 50’s Champion for 2017-18

Morning Folks !!

Semi finals and final of the Over 50’s were played at St Gregs last night in front of a good sized crowd of snooker enthusiasts.

In the semis Steve Whalley beat John Dougan 2 nil and Terry Worden was beaten 2 nil by Brian Mangan.

John Dougan and Steve Whalley. Steve won 2 nil.
Terry Worden and Brian Mangan – Brian won 2 nil.

A closely contested final saw Steve Whalley pot the final pink and get over the finishing line to win the final 2 – 1

Finalists !! A modest champion Steve shakes hands with a humble opponent Brian, Well done guys !

Congratulations to Steve on the night. Commiserations on the night go to Brian, Terry and John – however congratulations at the same time for getting so far in the competition

Well done and thanks to those who turned up for the finals night and made it worth watching.


Paul Garstang

Change to Division 4 Tables Following Deletion of Fox Lane Games

Morning Cuists !!

Here is an important notice for all Division 4 teams in the PDSL

As you know – two games before the end of the season Fox Lane unfortunately disbanded as they were struggling to field a team on a weekly basis.

As a result the last two fixtures vs Lostock Cons and Meadow Street were postponed and average points for first half of the season were awarded to the two teams.

Upon reflection this was the wrong decision as it was unfair to both teams as they had not cancelled their matches and may have possibly won 7 nil etc.

Therefore the only fair action is to delete all points associated with Fox Lane this season.

This has now been done and the changes are reflected in the updated league table. There are no major changes.

Just as a recap – Teams will play a maximum of 18 matches as a result.

Please take this into account before tonights round of matches

Good luck !



Website Refresh to Take Place on Friday Evenings

Afternoon Cueists !!!

A lot of people have been asking for the league tables to update more quickly.

As a result the website will now be refreshed on a Friday evening so the tables will be updated

Can I therefore ask all captains, team delegates or poor unfortunate bloke who gets landed with inputting result cards to ensure that your card is input on to the website by 7pm on a Friday evening. This will then allow the site to be updated accordingly.

Anyone missing the 7pm deadline will then have to wait for a further refresh on Monday or Tuesday evening for their results to be included within the league tables (no doubt to the extreme annoyance of anyone who wants to see the true tables !!)

7pm on a Friday gives nearly a 45 hour window in which to input your results and so is a fair period of time.

Please make sure everyone involved with your team know this – especially the poor unfortunate bloke who gets landed with the inputting !!

Have a good weekend and get your competition games organized – deadline 4th March



Quarter Final Draws Now On Website

Hi Folks !!

All quarter final draws are now on website

Scratch night is Sunday 4th March so get your games organised and played – if you win then you’re in the money !!

Also drawn is the semis of the Over 50’s – semis and final are played on the same night at St Gregs and this will be Friday 2nd or 9th March at 730.



Greenlands Snooker Team Folds

Hi Cueists

You may have already heard the sad rumours that Greenlands in Division 1 have had to fold as they were struggling for a full side every Wednesday. Sadly it is true.

Every credit to Steve and the lads for giving it a go – lets hope they pop up somewhere next season

As a result the first Greenlands fixture in January vs St Gregs will now be deleted from the record book.

All fixtures vs Greenlands will now be a bye for the rest of the season.

We wouldnt like certain facts to go amiss and Scott Haydon would certainly like to remind us that his final game for Greenlands resulted in him beating our good friend Ben Messent by 85 points to 19

    As a result he is willing to play Ben on an annual basis for the Scott Haydon Trophy – Scott currently being the holder and Ben the runner up of course

    Good luck to all who are playing tonight



Second Half of Season Starts Tomorrow Night

Afternoon Cueists !!

Second half of season starts tomorrow for those teams that have no byes !!

Good luck to all teams for rest of the season.

All average points have been inserted into tables where required – all tables are up to date

Please remember no more new players allowed now for registration until next season.

Also remember blind picks were voted out at AGM and shouldn’t still be used – i do still get asked the question though!

Reminder for Division 4 teams – Fox Lane have folded and so you all have an extra bye for the second half of the season

One fixture change for Div 4 – Jan 31st – Hendrys v Frenchwood 55’s is wrong way round – its actually Frenchwood 55’s vs Hendrys

If there are any further fixture changes for Div 4 then they will be posted on this webpage



League Tables & Divisional Rankings Up to Date

Happy New Year Cueists !!!

Just a note to say that all tables are up to date to include all fixtures including the non played fixtures ( elite c deepdale, fox lane meadow st, and fox lane lostock cons ) – average points were added to team scores and player scores as they affect both league tables and rankings.

The data on the website will refresh weekly so some data that may be altered during a week may not appear changed until website refresh.

There are around 50 anomalies on the rankings data – where people changed teams mid season and may have appeared as player not listed for a few games – I am currently going through all these anomalies and will change them accordingly for Mark to add to the website on 9th January.

If you haven’t changed teams of all season and have never played as player not listed then your rankings should be correct and that will be 90 odd percent of players.

Please take a look at the rankings info via the rankings tabs on the website and if you find any mistakes text me on 07792967311 or via facebook messenger or post on this website and i will take a look and alter accordingly.

Its easier for you guys to take a look at a few lines of data that are important to yourselves than myself looking at 500 plus lines of data for any mistakes that may or may not exist.

Apologies that this has taken so long to get back up and running but it will refresh weekly once results have been submitted correctly.



Last 16 Competition Draws Now on Website

Update : 21st December

6 Man Draw now added following last nights games

Good luck to all the teams who are left

Paul Garstang

Morning Cuists

All last 16 draws are on the website under Competitions – also last 8 of the Over 50’s draw.

Please note that all scratch dates are Sunday 28th January 2018 so 6 weeks to get the games played

The draw for the 6 Man Team has been made but will not be published until wednesday nights 6 man team has been played and we know who is in the last 16 – probably go on website next Thursday

Good luck to all who are still in the competitions