2017 Individual Player Handicaps & 6 Man Team Handicaps – Latest Update !!!!

Quick update !!!!!

Now The Reds are 3 nil up after 19 minutes I have a little bit of time to update this post!

The team handicaps are to be used in the 6 man team tomorrow night and for this season.

For those interested the individual player handicaps will be used in all of the handicap comps : over 50s , individual, pairs and 3 man.

For the pairs add you and your partners handicaps together and divide by 2 as this is a best of 3 frames comp not aggregate. If your handicap is not a full number when halved round it up to the next whole number. If your handicaps were 30 and 21 then when halved it would be half of 51 which is 25.5. This would be rounded up to 26.

The 3 man comp is aggregate only so your handicap is your 3 lowest handicaps added together. If you have 4 players then this applies – if you only have 3 players in your squad then it is all three handicaps added together.

Your handicaps will be on the draws when they are posted either later today or tomorrow – time permitting.

Evening Cueists

All player handicaps and team handicaps are now posted for use with 6 man team games tomorrow night

All handicaps are now correct – a few have changed – check yours out and see if its improved individually and by team

6 man draw also on with updated handicaps

Links below for info in both excel and pdf formats – same names – two different formats



B 2017 Final Team and Player Handicaps

A 2017 Final Team and Player Handicaps

D 2017 6 Man Team With Final Handicaps

C 2017 6 Man Team With Final Handicaps

Quick update

Just what I need on this fine morning – to discover that some of the handicaps have moved out of sync with the players in some cases. The team handicaps are correct but some – not all – of the handicaps have moved out of sync with the actual players. I will recheck all 550 handicaps this morning and republish later this morning back into the correct order.

I don’t why this has happened – whether it was when they were all reordered or when it was converted from excel to PDF. Either way they will be in the correct order later this morning.

I will reiterate – the team handicaps are all correct.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused


Paul Garstang

For anyone who may be interested – please find the individual player handicaps and the team handicaps to be used in wednesdays 6 Man Team Handicap Competition



Six Man Team Draw

It looks like a couple of people are having trouble seeing the six man draw due to their computers operating system or their phones ios version

I have saved the draw as an older version of excel

Please try the link below and see if it works

Fingers crossed !!!

6 Man Team 2003 version